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Category: 2011 Scholar Journey

Cave diving with legends!

3 April, 2012 (04:07) | 2011 Scholar Journey | 1 comment

If you have been following this blog through my year-long journey then you have probably seen a pattern emerging– cave diving!  I fell in love with cave diving on my very first dive with Jill Heinerth in Ginnie Springs and have since made it a point to visit Jill in North Florida as often as […]

National Institute of Amazonian Research!

21 March, 2012 (08:13) | 2011 Scholar Journey |

While I was able to get out in the field a fair amount during my time in Brazil, I also spent a lot of time in the lab learning about molecular and genetic techniques that are hugely important in research (an area that I was lacking).  Most days were spent learning from all of the […]

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